Episode 37: Sega Game Gear

In this episode, we talk about brief life of the Sega Game Gear.


Knights of the Fallen Empire trailer (still amazing)

Knight of the Eternal Throne trailer (also still amazing)

Overwatch Anniversary Event!

Fire Emblem: Echoes

Zidane versus David Bowie versus David Bowie versus David Bowie

Overwatch Myths

Overwatch Bot Battles

The Know on Microtransactions

The Know on the Sega Dreamcast

WoW Tokens hit an all-time high after Destiny 2 announced for Blizzard Launcher

Ben Heck gets a Nintendo Playstation Prototype working

Bayonetta on PC sells more than 170,000 copies

Georgia becomes the #1 filming location in the world for movies

Facebook partners with ESL to broadcast more than 5,000 hours of gaming tournaments

Tencent eSports Town

Tencent Game Store to Challenge Steam via The Know

Sega Game Gear Ad that sparked controversy 

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Earthworm Jim

Ecco the Dolphin

Marble Madness

Mega Man for Game Gear

Micro Machines

Mortal Kombat

NBA Jam - Gameplay footage

Road Rash

Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya - Twitter Message to TADPOG!

Space Harrier

Streets of Rage - The video I showed Paul


List of Game Gear Accessories

Solar Power Pack for the Game Gear

TV Tuner

Master Gear Converter

Handy Gear!


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Next Episode: The Flame In the Flood

Paul's Choice for the next game in Our Favorite Games: Wolfenstein The New Order

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