Episode 9: Movie and Comic Tie-ins

WARNING: Episode is *VERY* not safe for work due to language. Do not listen to this at work without headphones on.

This week we're joined by Tyler and Dave of TADPOG to talk about the weird relationship between Video Games, Comic Books, and Hollywood.

Star Wars Uprising

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Life Line


Majora's Mask

Persona 3DS

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Simpson's Tapped Out

ET for Atari

Indiana Jones for Atari

Empire Strikes Back for Atari

Star Wars Arcade Game

Waterworld for Virtual Boy

Street Fighter the Movie the Game

Street Fighter the Movie

Super Mario Bros Movie

Bob Haskins

Doki Doki Panic

Zelda 2

Spiderman 2 the Game

Batman: Arkham series

Batman the Animated Series Super NES game

Batman Forever for SNES

JAWS the game

Bill and Ted the game

Friday the 13th old school game

Friday the 13th new school game


Aliens: Colonial Marines


Disney Infinity (RIP)

Duck Tails


Marvel vs Capcom

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe


Doom the Movie

Prince of Persia movie

List of Movies based on Video Games

Super Mario Brothers 1986

Warcraft the Movie

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney trailer

Mortal Kombat the Movie

Alone in the Dark movie

Tomb Raider the movie

Advent Children

Dead or Alive movie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade game

Simpsons Arcade Game

XMen Arcade Game

Shadow of Mystara

D&D Gold Box Games

Superman 64

Maximum Carnage

Chronicles of Riddick games

Earthworm Jim cartoon

The Tick cartoon

Conan movie game

Kung Fu Panda game


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