The Future of VR?

One of the most interesting games developed for VR thus far is a game out of CCP Games as a weird tie-in to their big game EVE Online, EVE Valkyrie. If you're unfamiliar, it's a dogfighting game where you get to fly around a ship from the pilot's cockpit and go pew pew pew. The game is one of the BIG exclusive titles for the Oculus Rift. What I want to talk about today is the recent announcement by CCP that the first big expansion for EVE Valkyrie is coming in September, and with it comes... Non-VR support for the game.

So for the first time, people without VR will be able to pick up and play EVE Valkyrie. Obviously, this is a departure from the original concept of the game. But importantly, it opens the game up to being played by a wider audience. And this is the crux of the whole scene of VR right now. It's difficult to make it as a VR Exclusive title, simply because the majority of gamers do not own a VR setup. 

This seems to be the future, make a good game with VR support, but also provide a way for people to play without it. Is this going to hurt adoption of VR? Would providing a way to play without VR potentially promote people toward picking up a headset and checking it out? I know I personally would love a VR headset, very specifically because of playing Elite: Dangerous.

But what about you? Do you think this compromise is the only way for VR to have a future? Do you think VR needs a huge exclusive title to get people to buy in? Do you want a VR headset? What would make you want to pick one up? Let us know in the comments below.


Playoffs are here! Teams battle for LCS Crown for the Summer Split and the right to represent North America at the World Championships. So far, only 3 teams have ever won the LCS. Team Solomid is in a strong position to win yet again. Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming aren't sitting too far behind. Immortals got a first round bye and might be the strongest team who's never won the LCS, with the best chance to break into the club. So here's the games for the weekend.

Saturday August 19th @ 3pm - Cloud9 vs Team Dignitas - On paper this is the closer matchup of the weekend. Dignitas is on a hot streak. Cloud9 looks to be in their normal playoff form. Can Dig pull off the upset, or will Cloud9 take their first steps in cementing yet another Championship game against Team SoloMid...

Sunday August 20th @ 3pm - Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Envy - Everyone expects CLG to easily win this matchup. They're working with a new jungler after some drama a few weeks ago, and this will be his first real stress-test on the big stage. Will he hold up? Can Envy finally pull out a win against a top 4 team? We will find out on Sunday.

As usual, all coverage options can be found over on the LoLeSports Website.

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