Microtransations Causing a Stir Again

It seems even the hottest game on the scene can't avoid a good microtransactions controversy. In preparation for their first big eSports event, Bluehole and Playerunknown have announced a special new loot crate into the Early Access game Battlegrounds in order to raise money for the tournament's prize pool. The crates contain purely cosmetic clothing items based on characters from the movie Battle Royale (the inspiration behind the game). 

But some of the game's community is rather unhappy about this turn toward the future. Not just because it's yet another paid game with impending microtransactions. But because one of the big promises from the developers was that there would be no microtransactions while the game was in Early Access. 

PlayerUnknown has been positioning this as a test for the future pay-to-open-crates system. And it's wrapped in the flag of filling the prize pool for their first big eSports tournament. But it definitely breaks the promise they made.

But what do you think? Do you think players are blowing this out of proportion? How should a developer handle a promise they've made to players when they need to break it? Are microtransactions for a game you pay for upfront crossing the line? Or is it okay if they're just cosmetic? Let us know in the comments below?


There are three teams slugging it out for the top two spots, and a handful of teams a couple games back that are looking to play the spoiler. There are a couple big matchups this week to be on the lookout for.

Saturday July 29th @ 3pm Eastern - Team Envy vs Counter Logic Gaming - Team Envy is sitting in a giant traffic jam for 4th place.  CLG is tied with Team SoloMid for second. CLG is trying to cement their first round bye in the playoffs. Can Envy play the spoiler this week? They get to play both second place teams this weekend, so it will be a great gauge of how playoff-ready the team truly is.

Saturday July 29th @ 6pm Eastern - Team Dignitas vs Immortals - Team Dignitas is in the dogpile for 4th place. Immortals is sitting in sole possession of first right now. And they need this win to stay there.

Sunday July 30th @ 6pm Eastern - Team SoloMid vs Team Envy - One of the last games of the week, Team SoloMid needs every win they can get to try and lock down their playoff bye. And Team Envy gets a second chance to spoil the party for one of the second place teams. 

You can catch all these games at Riot's LoL eSports website!