Razer going Public?

If things go as planned, peripheral company Razer will be holding an Initial Public Offering (IPO) sometime in October of this year. This is potentially a very interesting thing for a couple reasons, and will most certainly change the future of this company that most gamers are extremely fond of.

Over the years, I have personally owned a number of Razer products. My daily driver gaming mouse is the Razer Naga Right-Handed Limited Green Edition, which is just the right amount of amazingly obnoxious Razer Green. In the past I've used the first gen Naga, a Mamba, multiple Deathadders, and waaaaaaaay back in the day, a Boomslang. I rock a Razer mousepad (Vespula). And will whole-heartedly recommend a razor headset to people (seriously, if you need a decent gaming headset it's difficult to beat the Razer Kraken). I've tried the competitors from time to time, I've used my fair share of Logitech and Steelseries products, but I generally find myself coming back to Razer.

So the good thing for gamers is that if reports are to be correct, this could mean a HUGE influx of money into the company. Some predictions are estimating they will sell between $3 and 5 BILLION during their IPO. This allows them to invest in their Research and Development departments, and build up their manufacturing process to help deliver better products more efficiently and cheaply. But this is extra important for reasons that are a little scary from an outside perspective.

Razer hasn't turned a profit since 2014.

And this is where the concern comes in. The influx of money is good. But when you have to answer to shareholders, how long are you going to be able to operate at a loss before they demand changes? What corners will have to get cut to reduce costs? Will the premium quality gamers want and expect from Razer go away in the name of profits? 

Or will it push them into new markets we may not expect from Razer? They're already talking about making a cellphone... for gamers. Which kind of fits in line with expanding their offering of Laptops and other devices. So we can only wait and see.

What do you think of Razer? Do you own any of their stuff? Do you think this will be a good thing for the company? Or do you think this is the beginning of the death of Razer? Let us know in the comments below.


There are two clashes between top 4 teams this weekend. Both should be really promising. Right now there's a three-way tie for first, but that is definitely going to change this weekend.

Saturday, July 22nd @ 3pm Eastern - Team SoloMid vs Team Dignitas - TSM is on top of the pack tied for first right now. They actually have a better win loss record in individual games than the other two teams tied for the same series record as them. Dig is currently sitting right below the traffic jam on top and is just 2 games out of the top 3 with only 6 games left in the split. Beating TSM would be a huge feather for Dig to put in their hat as playoffs approach. Unfortunately for them, TSM seems to have found another gear coming out of Rift Rivals and won't settle for anything less than first place.

Sunday, July 23rd @ 6pm Eastern - Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals - One must lose. Provided they both win their first game of the week, as they should, this game should kick one of these two teams out of first place. It should be a pretty great set of games.