A blast to the past

A weird bit of internet and gaming history is in the process of being resurrected. The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment has announced that they are working on an effort to bring the world's first graphical MMO back online. Tonight, June 2nd at 6pm Pacific, the first ports on the alpha server of the old Lucasarts game Habitat will open up. Bringing the game back online for the first time in nearly THIRTY YEARS. 

It has taken 4 years to clean up the game code and port it to Java. And the big event at the MADE Museum in Oakland, CA will celebrate the project officially being open to the public.

What makes Habitat a big deal in the history of gaming? For one it coined the term "avatar" in the context of gaming. It also featured a PVP element where players could kill one another. There was disease in the game. There was player housing (known as Turfs). And an entire set of rules and government was developed by the playerbase while the game was live, to help curtail bad player behavior.

It also broke from the text-based standard used by other online multiplayer games at the time. Providing a 3rd person graphical view of the players in an area.

Currently, the only way to play the game is going to be through a Commodore 64 emulator. Conveniently, they package one in with all the rest of the stuff you need to play. You can find out more info from the project over here on their page.

If you're curious about some of the history of online multiplayer games, a couple more of the super old-school titles are preserved online and open to play. You can find and play the original MUD over here. And its more popular "sequel" MUD2 can be found over here.

MADE is definitely doing some interesting things to help preserve our gaming history. Are you interested in retro games like this one? Would you consider checking it out? What other retro MMO games would you like to see resurrected? Let us know in the comments below.


Okay, so I was wrong about the LCS. They only took a week off after MSI. So now we go roaring into the Summer Split and the Road to Worlds.

There are two big games this weekend that should set the tempo for the top of the standings:

Friday June 2nd @ 6pm Eastern - Cloud9 vs CounterLogic Gaming - Last split C9 was solidly in second place, and along with Team SoloMid, were a massive step above all the other teams in the pack at the end of the split. CLG made a big offseason move by trading their Jungler for the controversial Dardoch. Prior to this trade, the CLG roster has been working together the longest of any team in the LCS. They're looking to make a statement early, so this looks to be a very interesting series.

Saturday June 3rd @ 6pm Eastern - Cloud9 vs Team SoloMid - The Rematch. They went to game 5 in the Finals of the Spring Split. Cloud9 wants to prove their loss was a fluke. TSM is coming back from a fairly humiliating showing at MSI and have a lot to prove. Sounds like the perfect formula for fireworks! To top it all off, TSM have made a big move making a deal to send their AD Carry Wildturtle to FlyQuest, leaving the starting role open for DoubleLift to fill. He's historically the best ADC in North America, and last time he was on the team they nearly went undefeated and cruised to worlds. Can they find that magic again? Will it take them time to get on the same page? We'll start to get that answer this weekend.

You can find coverage of all of these games on their various platforms over at LoLesports.com.