The Changing Face of Television

So there's a weird thing happening in the world of media consumption. Multiple companies have started offering ways for you to Stream television stations *WITHOUT* a Cable TV service. For the longest time now, streaming most stations online has required paying a Cable company for the channel first. No subscription? No watchy.

YouTube recently announced YouTube TV, which will let you pay around $35/month to get access to 40 Television channels. It includes all the major broadcast networks (NBC, ABC, Fox, etc), and a handful of other channels (ESPN, regional sports networks, SciFi, USA, Disney, NatGeo, and YouTube Red). But to make the service more interesting, it offers "Unlimited Cloud DVR" service... so you can record any show on these channels and watch it anywhere, whenever you want.

Not to be outdone, Hulu has also recently announced getting into the game (which shouldn't be surprising, since Hulu is owned by a number of big Cable companies). Though I can't find a lot on the proposed channel lineup.

They're obviously aiming for the cord cutting generations that want nothing to do with overly expensive Cable packages. Trying to get some of that money back.

But something I think is really interesting is how the studios making shows are doing interesting experiments of how to many money outside of deals with networks.

To paraphrase the words of Morpheus, "What if I told you Disney was creating an animated Star Wars series that is going to air exclusively on YouTube?" Now that has my attention. It's going to dig into character backgrounds and tell origin stories. They're going to be short pieces, but it's an interesting experiment.

Hopefully more companies will experiment with this. Imagine if they film a bunch of random extra stuff on set during movies to make little mini-series to get fans super excited for the weeks coming up to release? Or post release? You come home from the movie wanting more... and you go to YouTube and get little teaser stories that happen after the movie's story ends for weeks after the movie is over. You can even plug them in those little post-credits stingers.

There is a lot of opportunity for studios to do interesting things other than just trailers and commercials. What would you love to see them do and try? What's the coolest thing you've seen them do so far? Let us know in the comments below.


This week is easy. Semi-Finals for the Spring Split. 3PM Eastern both Saturday and Sunday. The best 4 teams in North America. Watch it.

Saturday April 15th - Cloud9 vs Phoenix1 - An interesting sub-plot here is that Cloud9 lent their substitute jungler Meteos to Phoenix1, and they've been doing amazingly since he started playing with them. Now best friends face off.

Sunday April 16th - Team SoloMid vs FlyQuest - This matchup *SHOULD* be simple. TSM should stomp FlyQuest on paper. But then there's Hai... if last week has taught us anything it's that Hai still has some kind of crazy magic when it comes to the playoffs. Never rule them out... but seriously, TSM should win, they've been on fire lately. (Here's a video interview with two of the biggest names in this matchup. Hai and Bjergsen.)

You can tune in on Twitch (They have 2 channels: NALCS1 & NALCS2) or Riot's eSports YouTube Channel.