The end of an Era?

There's a weird transition period at the end of every console cycle where there are technically two different platforms being supported at the same time. And a lot of people see the term "supported" as something in air quotes. The writing is one the wall. Your current favorite platform is on the path to becoming a retro console. It's only a matter of time. 

Heimdal has officially sounded the Gjallarhorn for Sony's Playstation 3. Sony is going to be ceasing production of the PS3 in Japan in the near future. It will still be in production in other parts of the world, but in the home of Sony, it is about to become extinct.

It had a ten year run. That's pretty damn good. Way better than the three year run of the Dreamcast. Over 86 million units. Tons of games came out for it. A lot of iconic stuff. Thankfully the legacy lives on. 

One of the most interesting ways it lives on is via a service from Sony called "PlayStation Now." It's a subscription service offered by Sony that lets you stream a selection of more than 450 PS3 games on your PlayStation 4 or (very importantly) your PC. Yeah, all you need is a PS4 controller and a subscription to get access to some of the best games the PS3 has to offer on your PC. It's pretty nuts. I know I'm super tempted to check it out.

How about you? What are your best memories of the PS3? Would you consider picking up PlayStation Now? 

** Chop's LCS Games of the Week **

We have 2 weeks left in this split, and the playoff picture is absolutely crazy.

Each team has 4 matchups left. Only 2-3 teams have a playoff spot on lockdown. But everything starting around 4th place is WIDE OPEN. The bottom playoff spot is currently sitting at a tie at 6-8. The last place team is currently sitting at 3-11. It would take a LOT of crazy stuff happening for that last place team to catch up and make it. But it's possible. 

To make it even more crazy. HALF OF THE TEAMS IN THE LEAGUE sit between 6-8 and 3-11. Fourth place right now has two teams tied at 7-7. So things are going crazy. So again I'm going to pick a couple games this weekend that are BIG matchups for that last playoff spot as things sort themselves out.

Friday, March 17th @ 6pm EST - Team Dignitas vs Team Liquid - We talked last week about the drastic steps Liquid is trying to take to try and keep themselves from being relegated. They sit 2 matches out of the last playoff spot. Currently leading the way for that last playoff spot is Team Dignitas. Dignitas has something to prove and has to win every game they have left to stay in the picture. Liquid is desperate though, so there should be plenty of fireworks.

Friday, March 17th @ 9pm EST - Echo Fox vs Counter Logic Gaming - What? Two games on the same day? Yeah. Right now CLG sits tied for 4th at 7-7. Echo Fox sits just outside of the playoffs in the dreaded 8th place. Facing relegation, can Echo Fox pick up a win against a potential playoff team and climb their way up the ladder? CLG desperately needs to hold on to that tie for 4th place. With both Team Dignitas and Immortals right on their heels at 6-8, they can't afford to lose a single matchup. Should lead to some great games.

Sunday, March 19th @ 6pm EST - Counter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest - Speaking of that tie for 4th place, the two teams tied for 4th going into the weekend go head to head Sunday night. FlyQuest has been on a terrible losing streak, and need to snap out of it if they want to stay in playoff contention. Paired with the earlier game, CLG has the chance to put a stamp on 4th place and distance themselves from the pack... or if everything goes horribly wrong, they could drop out of the playoffs altogether. The drama is real!

You can tune in on Twitch (They have 2 channels: NALCS1 & NALCS2) or Riot's eSports YouTube Channel.