So Paul and I are proud to announce our first contest here on the site!

If you're following us on Facebook, you're probably familiar with a certain little monkey in our banner image. If not, check him out, he's pretty awesome:

We have big plans for this guy. He's pretty freakin' sweet in his little miner's helmet. Digging to help you find really awesome games. What a guy.

There's just one problem... he doesn't have a name! ZOMG!

So here's where you come in. We're going to accept submissions for potential names until the end of the month. So you have until 11:59pm on May 31st to submit a name for the little dude.

You have two options for how to submit a name, you can either click here and enter the name on the form on the page. Or you can submit a name by email to

At the beginning of June, Paul and I will compile a short list of our favorite submissions and then you all will vote for what the new name will be!

And here's the fun part for you: the person who's submission wins will receive a $25 Steam Gift Card* from us as our way of saying thank you for being so awesome.

You can submit as many names as you want, as many times as you want. But only one will win!

Good luck!

* - If you don't have a computer that can handle Steam games, we will be happy to give you an equivalent gift card to your digital distribution store of choice (XBox Live Marketplace, Playstation Network, etc)