Cool Video Series Everyone Should Watch

What?! Two posts in back to back days? Yep. After finding out about Atlus and Sega over the weekend, something happened today that I thought you all might want to know about. 

For a little background, there is a channel on YouTube run by Hank and John Greene of Vlogbrothers fame called Crash Course. There is some REALLY good stuff here. Educational courses on topics from World History, to Biology/Chemistry, to Psychology, and all kinds of things you might want to learn or refresh yourself about. They're split into entertaining 10ish minute episodes. I highly recommend the channel. 

But more importantly they just launched a course that everyone who is a fan of us will be interested in: Crash Course Gaming .

That's right, an academic exploration of games and gameplay. It promises to be interesting. They're going to cover traditional games, video games, and everything in between. The first episode is live and they should have 1-2 new episodes every week.  

Go check it out and let me know what you think.