The Future of Atlus Games?

So in my desire to post more stuff here I want to talk real quick about a bit of news from over the weekend. Namely, that Sega has finished it's acquisition of Atlus.

What does this mean? We don't really have any idea. Honestly, this is a scary prospect for a lot of gamers. Atlus was something of a bastion for bringing weird and obscure games across the ocean from Japan to the US. This was a really good thing for video games and especially American RPG fans.

Sega has said they will continue to publish Atlus games in the US, and that Atlus will operate relatively autonomously under the Sega banner. Hopefully this remains true.

Part of the reason they bought Atlus, is because Atlus has been instrumental in english localization efforts of some pretty high profile Sega games (like the Yakuza games). So both companies stand to benefit from this in the end.

Hopefully this means more money gets funneled into Atlus to help get weird games made and brought to the US. Only time will tell.

News article from Polygon can be found here for further reading. What do you think of the move? What are your concerns?