The Streams Begin!

We've got new things afoot here at Loaded Cart Gaming. One of those things is that Paul and I are both working on streaming a little more often. We're both working on getting things set up and working out our schedules. I just happen to have mine sorted out for right now, so I'd like to share it with you today!

Right now I'm going to be streaming 3-4 days a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 10pm-Midnight Eastern here in the US. Then on Fridays I'll stream from about 10pm until I go to sleep (which will likely be around 1am). So head on over to my Twitch channel Chop The Viking to click to get notified when I go live and make me easier to find.

So what am I going to be streaming? RPGs. Lots of RPGs. RPGs of all sorts. Monday and Wednesdays, I'll be looking at the state of RPGs available on Mobile devices. And on the weekends I'll be doing some more long-form stuff.

Paul is working on rebranding his Twitch channel. (He's sick of his crazy channel name that becomes a train-wreck when he tries to tell people how to find his channel. So he's going to change it to something more appropriate for his "What's Paul Playing Today?" brand.) So stay tuned here for more news on that. And you can find his current twitch channel right over here