Official Merch

We now have the ability to sell shirts through Amazon, so they will be our shirt platform of choice. They will all be Prime Eligible, so if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, take advantage of the free shipping. As we add more stuff, we might add more platforms, but you'll always be able to find everything we have available here on this page.


Symmetrical Logo - $19.95

Our Original Logo shirt. Show your love for Professor Bananas and all of the other Shenanigans of Loaded Cart Gaming.


Asymmetrical Logo $19.95

Are you a big off-center like Chop? Well here you can get yourself a version of our logo shirt with the main logo a bit scewed to the side. Sexy, sexy asymmetry.


Zoomed In Logo - $19.95

In case you like something that's a bit bigger, here's an option for a larger and more zoomed in Logo.


Chop the Viking - $15.99

Want to support Chop? Think he's got a badass logo? Here's the shirt for you.