Loaded Cart Gaming.

Who are we? A couple of gamers who love playing games for the value of their content. We decided that we should start reviewing some of the weird games that we get and play because we know there are other people out there like us: gamers who snatch up games when they go on sale on Steam and other digital marketplaces.

All of our scores at made subjectively. Does it add to the game and make it better? Then it's awesome. Does it get in the way? Then it sucks.

We share our Let's Plays with you so you can get a feel for the gameplay if you want to dig deeper. Stay tuned for live events and more.

What's Paul Playing Today?

What's Paul Playing Today? started as the brainchild of the titular Paul Clewell. Born from watching feeds from fellow gamers, and a desire to entertain, Paul started up a Twitch feed back in November of 2013, and hasn't looked back. Under the idea that hard work, and having fun with your friends will get you far in life, Paul is always looking for new ideas, new games, and creative ways to bring you the most entertaining content.